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Why We Recommend Ductless

Air Repair Heating & AC of Greater San Antonio is a strong advocate for ductless heating and cooling systems, but do you know why? Investing in a heating and cooling system for your home or business can be challenging and complicated. Because Americans spend so much time inside, year-round indoor comfort is essential. Business owners know that a comfortable environment plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers and employees. Mitsubishi Ductless systems deliver efficiency and reliability, making them a favored alternative to ducted systems.

Quiet Comfort

When you want an ultra-quiet air conditioner, Mitsubishi Electric offers the perfect solution. Long-lasting and resilient, Mitsubishi air conditioners operate as low as 19 decibels, the level of a whisper. Some outdoor units operate at 30 decibels, lower than most refrigerators. Homeowners and business owners alike value the quiet comfort afforded by ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.

Versatile Installation

Going ductless is a practical choice for new construction as well as existing structures. Easy to install, ductless systems are ideal for almost any situation:

  • Structures that do not have existing ductwork
  • Older structures with aging HVAC systems that cannot be updated to include ductwork
  • Remodel projects where ductwork cannot be extended
  • Increasing comfort to rooms that are hot or cold spots
  • Reducing building costs in new construction


Ductless systems have a low profile and do not detract from the indoor or outdoor appearance of your home or business. Whether you want a quiet air conditioner for a bedroom or a small office air conditioner, ductless Mitsubishi air conditioners have numerous applications:

  • Room additions
  • Converted garages and attics
  • Basements
  • Media and computer storage rooms
  • Schools and libraries

Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Whether your best option is a stand-alone quiet air conditioner unit or a heat pump that combines heating and cooling, Mitsubishi Electric’s ductless systems are energy efficient and have SEER ratings up to 30. Ductless systems use inverter technology, which provides cost-effective functioning by regulating compressor operation. Inverter technology eliminates constant cycling on and off of your system; consistent temperatures are maintained, delivering the ultimate in comfort control. Because inverter technology monitors and adjusts to changes in room temperature, Mitsubishi air conditioners use only the amount of power required to keep the room comfortable, thus reducing energy consumption by 30 percent.

Ductless systems also eliminate energy loss associated with conventional systems. As conditioned air moves through ductwork, more than 30 percent of energy consumption can be lost due to ductwork air leaks.

Tax Credits

In addition to ultra-quiet air conditioner operation, many Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners equal or exceed the energy-efficiency requirements of the national ENERGY STAR program. This makes them eligible for an energy efficient air conditioner tax credit. Texas offers a number of incentives for installing energy-efficient equipment; some ductless systems and programmable controls may also qualify for rebates and incentives from Texas utility companies. Check with an Texas Ductless contractor to find out what incentives and tax credits are available in your location.

When you are weighing whether a ductless air conditioning & heating system is your best option, sound advice from a professional is critical. Request Consultation Today