Ductless Q & A

Energy-efficient installations by Air Repair Heating & A/C

Air Repair Heating & A/C chooses to install Mitsubishi’s Ductless Cooling and Heating Air Conditioning systems because they have been found to be over 30% more efficient than standard window air-conditioning units. At Air Repair Heating & A/C, we are also proud to announce that, for the majority of our installations, we are able to provide products that meet, or even exceed, the strict ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Energy-efficient and cost-effective?
Yes, your rooms will be comfortably warm or comfortably cool without your wasting energy – or money! The Air Repair Heating & A/C-installed Ductless Comfort System will help you save money on energy bills. Its advanced zoning technology allows you to control the heating and cooling for several rooms or just single rooms.

Thanks to this advanced zoning technology, one outdoor unit can run up to four separate indoor heating and cooling systems. Ductless Comfort technology ensures that the systems use the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area. Each unit automatically responds to temperature changes. This means that you will be able to reduce your energy consumption and save even more.

Is Mitsubishi’s Ductless AC System better than baseboard and other heating solutions?
Yes again! The Mitsubishi Ductless AC System has many benefits over standard baseboard hot water heating systems and other electric heating solutions.

The benefits include:

  • You get 2 for 1 – When you have Air Repair Heating & A/C install a Ductless Comfort System, you get a heating and cooling system. When you install baseboard heating, you just get a heating system.
  • Active heat distribution – Our Ductless HVAC products actively move the heat throughout the area with the use of a revolutionary quiet fan system. Baseboard heating solutions rely on convection to circulate the air.
  • Effective zone heating – True zoning means that you can set the temperature of individual rooms according to your personal taste. Perhaps you prefer your bedroom or kitchen to be cooler than other rooms. Or if you’re not using a guest room, dining room, or den/bonus room regularly, you might choose not to heat them day-in, day-out. The choice is yours with Air Repair Heating & A/C installed Ductless AC.

Are Ductless AC systems quiet?
YES! Mitsubishi’s Ductless Comfort Systems run silently and efficiently. They’re quieter and more efficient than old window units, and so we hope that you will sleep better and also worry less about operating costs. The unit’s fan delivers air quietly – with only a gentle whoosh. At low speed, our Ductless AC System operates at 22 to 34 decibels (which is less than a whisper).
The Ductless AC outdoor unit can be placed virtually anywhere. It’s so quiet that you won’t even know that it’s running! But your comfortable, temperature-controlled rooms will confirm that it definitely is running.

Fighting hot and cold spots
Our Ductless Comfort systems use sensors that automatically scan your room for hot and cold spots. When it finds one, it fixes it by quietly turning on the system and adjusting the level of comfort. Your room will maintain a consistent, ideal temperature at all times, and you can conserve energy in the process. See for yourself – choose Ductless Air Conditioning Comfort, installed by Air Repair Heating & A/C.