Cool Features of Ductless Air Conditioning

With it already feeling like summer in San Antonio, hopefully you’re nice and cool in your home. If you aren’t quite as comfortable as you’d like we have a simple, high-tech idea. For many homeowners, ductless air conditioners offer the ideal solution. From improved temperature control to impressive indoor air quality, discover four cool features of ductless air conditioners.

Improved Temperature Control

If you love adding technology to your home, you’ll appreciate the improved temperature control that ductless air conditioners, or mini-split systems, offer. Since these cooling systems don’t require ductwork, they make it incredibly simple to cool the rooms that are hardest to reach, such as finished basements and garages or parts of your home with restricted airflow.

Multiple Cooling Zones

Ductless air conditioners are easy for the Air Repair Heating & Air team to install, and they provide an advanced level of cooling. In fact, one external ductless unit can power a handful of indoor units. You can even establish multiple cooling zones throughout your home with just one outdoor unit, so every family member can set the temperature they prefer.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Mini-splits are some of the most energy-efficient systems out there. For example, the Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) much higher than the level that most central cooling systems can achieve. That means you can do your part to save the planet while giving your wallet a break and keeping cool at the same time.

Impressive Indoor Air Quality

If you’re dealing with stale air, excess humidity, or tons of dust, you’ll appreciate the improved indoor air quality features that Mitsubishi mini-split systems offer. A ductless air conditioner has the power to clear the air and even remove excess moisture from your home’s air supply, thanks to its advanced de-humidification mode.

When you are weighing whether a ductless air conditioning system is your best option, sound advice from a professional is critical. Request Consultation Today